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Automatic Label Applicator 


A nutraceutical company were using a continuous ink-jet printer (CIJ) to print batch codes on their labels as they were going through their automatic label applicator.

Their main concern was ink leakage, being in a clean room it was important to have it cleaned immediately which caused down time on the production line. Another issue was the need to flush the printer weekly with solvents to keep the jets clear so that the print quality was maintained, their question to us;

“Do you have a maintenance free printer that will help us avoid these issues”

Aims and Objectives

The customer wanted to achieve 4 things

1.     Continuous clarity of print.

2.     Low or zero maintenance.

3.     Ease of use.

4.     Small footprint.

5.     No ink wastage or mess

Polytij® Solution

We supplied a POLYtij® S3i printer with a single head that provided 

  • Consistently good print quality.

  • Zero maintenance using our POLYtij® Perfecta™ limitless™ ink no wiping of head required.

  • Ease of use with simple touch screen controller with message creation software on-board.

  • Small Footprint, the S3i controller has a 7” (180mm) touch screen display versus the CIJ printer which had a controller approx. 800mm wide x 1000mm high x 800 deep.


The customer now has 3 units installed with a view to purchase more in the future.


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Picture 2.png
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