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Form, Fill and Seal Machine


POLYtij® S3-3 Multi-Head printer installation onto a form, fill and seal machine, replacing an existing thermal transfer overprinter. The client was receiving complaints about the print quality from their customers with the previous machine. They needed to find a reliable solution that would not only give them consistent print quality but would also require minimal operator intervention.

The previous method required the operator to input the required expiration date each day for each product that was being packed, so human error was also an issue that had to be addressed.

Aims and Objectives

1.     Provide a consistently high quality print

2.     Easy to use interface that is intuitive for staff operation

3.     Minimal maintenance or downtime

4.     Minimise or eliminate any operator data input required.

Polytij® Solution

Our solution was to supply a POLYtij® S3 printer with 3 heads, combined with our new Perfecta™ limitless™ ink gave our customer the solution they needed.

  • Consistently good print quality.

  • Intuitive interface that automatically changed Expiration dates every 24 hours eliminating any need for operator data input thus eliminating human error.

  • Use of our Perfecta™ limitless™ ink with de-cap time of up to 2 months gave them zero maintenance required.

  • Operator needs only to select the product they would be packing from the menu and select print.


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