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POLYtij® Thermal Inkjet Printer System


Using state of the art equipment from New Zealand, Japan, Finland and Germany, a leading Australian manufacturer offers high-quality laminated veneer lumber beams and other LVL products. Their laminated veneer lumber beams are a high-value engineered wood product made from renewable, sustainable plantation timbers and are designed to span further, carry greater loads and withstand the toughest Australian climate.

The timber company previously utilised drop on demand piezo inkjet printers for their on-line marking, but they were becoming increasingly concerned about the high maintenance costs and the constant ink spills associated with that type of outdated technology.


There current system also required several pieces of equipment to be setup before the system could be run, this needed to be simplified where possible. The same message was printed on all pieces of timber during a single pass. Significantly the management of the timber company sought to have central control of the entire printing system to ensure that their quality control procedures were maintained and monitored.

Polytij® Solution

Our POLYtij® Distributor recommended the installation of four (4) POLYtij® S3-6 HP thermal inkjet printers interfaced with a custom 24 head controller PC.

The four (4) POLYtij ® S3-6 thermal inkjet printers simplified and upgraded the current system which was used to identify strips of timber by inkjet coding details of the pieces directly onto each laminated veneer lumber beam. Managed and controlled by a custom 24 head display console, the administrator has complete control over the entire 24 heads which print upto 60 characters per message. The PC controller was networked and installed in the administrators office for easy access.

Additionally the POLYtij ® S3-6 HP thermal inkjet printer’s only maintenance requirements are routine ink cartridge replacement to refill it’s ink supply and an occasional clean. The installation was conducted over three days and required custom brackets for mounting of the 24 printheads over the existing conveyor line.

To ensure maximum adhesion and uptime, POLYtij ®Adhesion +50 ink was utilised thus ensuring that any laminated veneer lumber beams could be marked no matter what laminate was used.

The end very happy customer!


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